How to Stay Motivated if you are Unemployed

Are you currently between jobs? Are you struggling to stay motivated during your job search? It is not uncommon for this to happen if you are unemployed. It can be particularly true if you have been searching for a new job for a while.

At GPW Recruitment we are an experienced team who work with both candidates and clients to ensure that vacant positions are filled with the best person for the job. If you have been looking for a new job but are feeling demotivated follow the steps below. They can give you a boost in your job hunt. To view the positions we have available please visit our jobs board.

Create A Schedule

You can stay motivated by creating a job search schedule – and sticking to it! If you commit to spending a set amount of time each day looking for jobs, you will find it easier to stay on track. You could choose the same hours every day or a total number of hours you are going to spend looking for a new job each week. While you are unemployed, make finding a new position your job. It is important you use the time you have at your disposal.

Following a job search schedule will also stand you in good stead once you are in employment. It will get you used to deadlines and work schedules. Meeting them is something every employer will see as a valuable characteristic.

Continue to Develop

Make sure you do not get stuck in a rut in terms of your professional development. Being unemployed does not mean you cannot grow. Use your time away from work to learn a new skill that is relative to the jobs you are searching for. Alternatively, build on any existing knowledge of a topic or field that you have. This can help you to stay motivated if you are unemployed.

Ensure you continually improve yourself while you are looking for a new job. The motivation will come naturally as you will be keen to inform potential employers of your new, or improved, skills and knowledge.

Do Not Dwell

If you left your previous job in unfortunate circumstances do not dwell on it. Focus on the things you can change, one of which is finding your new job.

Even if you apply for a job and you are unsuccessful, use it in your favour. Depending on the firm you applied with you may receive information as to why you were not chosen. Use their pointers to develop yourself and it could be the difference during your next application.

Contact GPW

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