Bricklayer/Refractory Installer

  • Contract
  • Anywhere

We are looking for a Bricklayer/Refractory Installer to work on a long term contract in the Scunthorpe area.

Rate is c£13-14 Umbrella/Ltd (or PAYE Equivalent) per hour

  • Ensuring that all work is performed in accordance with the requirements of Health and Safety and other relevant legislation
  • General site measurement of the refractory area with level measurement of the main oven dimensions, the battery main axis, oven pitch, oven length, etc.
  • Installation of the sole flues
  • Installation of the sole flues
  • Installation of the regenerator walls (230 mm and 320 mm)
  • Installation of the 110-mm wall
  • Installation of scaffolds for the up going walls
  • Arrangement of the sliding joint between fireclay and silica brickwork
  • Installation of corbel area
  • Installation of heating walls lower part
  • Installation of heating walls upper part
  • Installation of oven roof (silica part)
  • Installation of sliding joint between silica and fireclay
  • Installation of oven roof (fireclay part)
  • Installation of base sleeve of ascension pipes
  • Installation of charging hole frames
  • Installation of inspection hole frames
  • Installation of charge car sleepers
  • Installation of insulation
  • Gunning
  • Spraying
  • Under pressure sealing

Special Duties:

  • Construction and site elevations
  • Expansion joints
  • Mortar Joints/Preparation of the Mortar
  • Permissible Tolerances of Mortar Joints
  • Scaffolding for Bricking up
  • Jointing of the Waste Gas Boxes
  • Sealing Jointing of the Ascension Pipe Sleeves
  • Re-jointing
  • To undertake, as and when required, refractory concrete laying and foundation work associated with major and minor construction work
  • Install refractory units in chimneys and industrial infrastructures
  • Read and interpret the engineering drawings and blueprints
  • Install refractory bricks in chimneys and other furnaces and incinerators.
  • Cut and trim refractory modules using hand and power tools
  • Lining or relining furnaces and boilers, kilns and similar installations using acid-resistant modules, concretes, plastics or other materials as per design
  • Undertaking any other duties appropriate to the post objectives as required by Management appropriate to the level of the post

If the Bricklayer/Refractory Installer role could be of interest to you, please call Rebecca at GPW Recruitment or press APPLY NOW!