Estimating Engineer GPW Recruitment

Estimator Engineer Estimating Aerospace

Summary of Role:
The Estimating Engineer is responsible for estimating enquiries for aerospace structural components and assemblies and providing completed request for quotation summaries to customers, including but not limited to:
Carbon Composites and Glass Fibre details and assemblies
Flat and formed metallic details
Metallic fabricated assemblies
Routing and 5-axis machining of Carbon Composites, Glass Fibre and metallic sheet details
Protective Treatments
Metal to Metal bonding

Principal responsibilities:
Operational output
1. Interpretation of customer models, drawings, Bill of Materials and specifications including powerpoint and schematic presentations/sketches as well as hard copy drawings.
2. Identification of the processes required for each quotation such as lay-up, curing, machining, fabrication, assembly and protective treatments to enable accurate cost compilation
3. Ensure the customer requirements are fully understood and the most cost effective solution is quoted.
4. Liaison with suppliers to ascertain prices.
5. Liaison with customers to clarify any details where necessary
6. Preparation of accurate costs in terms of materials, labour etc.
7. Ensure all enquiries and quotations produced are entered correctly in to the computer system
Health, safety and environment
8. Uphold processes that assure the effective health, safety and environmental best practices as defined by the HSE management system.