Operations Manager

Role : Operations Manager

Key Objective

To manage the day to day operational aspects of the business, primarily the fulfillment of customer requirements through labour planning, assembly, warehousing and delivery, with effective management of resources to budgeted costs and productivity/efficiency levels, whilst maintaining a safe working environment

Key Responsibilities

  • Fulfillment of customer orders
  • Manage staff, prepare work schedules and assign specific duties
  • Determine staffing levels, in line with financial budgets, interview and train new employees
  • Establish and implement operational objectives and procedures in line with the overall business objectives
  • Promote and implement a Lean culture throughout the operation
  • Identify and implement continuous improvements within the operations processes to reduce costs, improve quality and reduce stock holding
  • Implement NPI process from design and product management to assembly
  • Control materials in the warehouse in collaboration with other functions within the business
  • Coordinate and Manage PI process
  • Effect use of ERP system – works order processing, BOM maintenance
  • Ensure compliance with company policy and good practice with regards to quality (ISO9001) and environmental practices (ISO 14001)

Experience and Background

  • Experience in a high variety/ low volume, labor intense manual assembly environment, demonstrating both flexibility and effective decision making whilst working under pressure in a fast moving changeable environment
  • Highly motivated – dependable, reliable with a positive, proactive and innovative approach to tackling and solving problems, with commitment to the organization and its objectives
  • People management skills, with the ability to manage, motivate and mentor, improving efficiency throughout the operations team
  • Proven ability to manage change and contribute effectively to developing the future organization
  • Previous experience in a SME with similar levels of staff, taking responsibility for all elements of people management in a diverse organization
  • Mature leadership skills to maintain the positive culture in the work environment
  • Lean Manufacturing – ability to identify opportunities and implement lean techniques
  • Experience in the managing and engendering a positive health & safety culture
  • Experience of managing Quality ISO9001, Environmental ISO14001 systems
  • Experience of operating MRP systems
  • Computer Literate, with focus on Excel with the ability to utilize this module for effective analysis when required
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills


  • Degree, Diploma or National Certificate related to Operations Management and also Health and Safety qualifications would be desirable., but not essential with appropriate experience

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