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To provide leadership and management to the relevant section of the Purchasing team. To ensure that all the team members are working efficiently and that specific targets are met in a safe, and cost effective manner to suit the business requirements.

* Maintaining a safe working environment.
* Ensuring best value for money when arranging purchases and procurements for the business.
* Maintaining relationships with key suppliers which will involve on site meetings and visits to the suppliers site.
* Ensuring the supply chain is capable of supplying to the required quality and satisfying the delivery requirements of the business.
* Monitoring of supplier performance with regard to Quality, Price, Delivery and Service levels.
* Ensuring weekly, daily tasks are carried out within the team, ensuring cover is provided in all areas.
* Monitoring the daily lists and schedules ensuring orders are placed on time and where required, re-scheduled to satisfy customer requirements.
* Resolving purchasing related problems as and when they arise.
* Monitoring staff performance and carrying out periodic appraisals and reviews with team members.
* Identifying area’s where training of team members may be required to ensure employees are working to the latest legislative and legal requirements.
* Support and advise team members as and when required.
* Develop, maintain and advise on ‘best practice’ processes and procedures within Purchasing.
* Provide guidance and advice on all aspects of the procurement process including contract terms.
* Commercial agreements, Supplier KPI’s, supply risk assessment and negotiation. S
* To uphold and promote ethical business practises with a view to maintaining the highest standard of Integrity in all business relationships.
* Implementation of the company sickness and absence policies including the return to work Interviews.
* Disciplinary management, including investigation and delivery of appropriate disciplinary sanctions.
* Assist in communicating company messages and briefings verbally, via E-mail and in presentations.
* Provide cover for Purchasing Manager, Senior Buyers and team members as and when required.
* Provide information as requested by other departments relevant to the purchasing function.

* Must have proven experience of working in a relevant Purchasing position as part of a team and being able to lead.
* Proven experience of working in a busy department and used to working to deadlines.
* Experience of working in an Engineering environment being able to interpret drawings.
* Experience of Casting / Machining / Fabrications processes as well as procuring Electrical components

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