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GPW Recruitment have been supporting the Steve Prescott Foundation for a number of year’s, most notably with the involvement in the St Helens 10K Run. We have been supporting this fantastic event for the last five year’s and hopefully many more years to come. The GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Run in association with The Steve Prescott Foundation has been phenomenal and we are sure this success and sponsorship will continue over the years. It has changed the lives of so many people and has raised hundreds of thousands pounds not just for the SPF but also for other great causes within the borough

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GPW Recruitment have been long-standing supporters of Willowbrook Hospice, and more recently a committment to sponsorship for the next three year’s.

Willowbrook Hospice is free for patients and their carers, family members and friends. Willowbrook Hospice is a charity relying on the community which they serve for support. Its costs £4 Million a year to keep the hospice going, 2/3rds of that is raised in the community through fundraising.

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Alder Hey Children’s Charity, formerly known as IMAGINE Appeal.

Our ambition to improve children’s health also means we’re using cutting edge technology, to develop new ways to treat children more effectively. We’re testing new sensor technology to help us identify infections and we’re printing children’s X-Rays in 3D so our surgeons can use these as a guide in surgery.

We’re not standing still. We’re not only developing new medicines and treatments, we‘re also training nearly 1,000 healthcare professionals each year, who are able to learn the latest skills and techniques from some of the world’s leading clinicians and researchers.

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