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GPW Assessments was set up to assist you in making those difficult recruitment decisions.

We offer a wide range of assessment services from skills testing to psychometric tests.

The most popular assessment service we offer is the Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), which can be used on your existing workforce or on potential hires.

What is a PPA?

A Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) is a behavioural assessment which can provide an accurate insight into how people behave at work.

We use Thomas International; a leading global provider of people assessment tools.

A Thomas International PPA only takes 8 minutes to complete, which then generates a profile detailing a person’s strengths and limitations, communication style, value to the business, what motivates them, their basic fears and how they behave under pressure. Spend time managing your underperformers and focus more time on those who will truly drive your business forward.

PPA’s are issued via email, which means they can be conducted anywhere, quickly and easily.

What does a PPA look like?

A PPA report is very detailed, have a look at an example here

Why should you use a PPA?

PPA’s are a great tool, which can be used to:

  • – Recruit the right person
  • – Improve communication
  • – Motivate and engage staff
  • – Identify areas for development
  • – Manage performance

PPA’s should never be used in isolation but are a great tool to help you make recruitment or development decisions.

Why use GPW Recruitment?

We are trained practitioners who can issue Thomas International PPA’s, we have facilitated 1000’s of assessments over the last 20 years, to clients across all industries and disciplines.

The high level at which we bulk buy PPA’s enables us to pass those savings on, we can offer them at a lower rate than buying them direct.

What our clients have said?

I have used GPW Recruitment for many years for recruiting positions but decided last year to do yearly PPA’s on our management team. This has been an invaluable tool to identify areas of improvement and has helped massively in further understanding what motives those driving the business. I am looking forward to seeing the reports 12 months on to see what changes have taken place.

Managing Director of an Engineering Business

I was really reluctant at first to use PPA’s but now use them when recruiting for all positions. The level of detail and accuracy from the report is excellent and i have yet to see one which is not a true representative of the person i have interviewed. I highly recommend using them.

Operations Director of a Service Business

Our Packages

We offer a range of packages, from single PPA’s for individuals looking to identify their strengths, to companies looking at assessing their teams. We have packages to suit:


x1 Personal Profile Analysis

Ideal for job hunters/individuals who want assistance with writing their own personal statement.


Delivery of PPA Assessment via email

Generation & delivery of PPA Assessment Report





x5 Personal Profile Analysis

Ideal for companies who are at the interview stages of recruiting and are looking for a tool to help them make their decision.


Delivery of PPA Assessment via email

Generation & delivery of PPA Assessment Report

Our interpretation of the Reports




+5 Personal Profile Analysis

Ideal for companies who want to identify areas which can be improved with their current workforce.


Face to face meeting to discuss your requirements

Delivery of PPA Assessment via email

Generation & Delivery of PPA Assessment Reports

Our interpretation of the Reports


If you have any questions or would like to find out even more information about PPA’s or other assessments we offer, we would love to hear from you, email:

Thomas International are a leading global provider of people assessment tools and the only provider with bespoke education and sport divisions. Founded in 1981, they are passionate about using their industry expertise to develop people, teams and cultures.

Their assessments enable individuals and teams to perform at their best. From measuring leadership potential and employee engagement to behavioural awareness and emotional intelligence, Thomas International assessments are straightforward to understand and quick to use, with scientific validity at their core.

Their aim is to empower business leaders to use people assessments to create maximum value for their organisation.

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