GPW Payroll was officially launched at the beginning of 2011. GPW Payroll was setup to reduce the time and money associated with pay rolling your staff. We understand the difficulties associated with accurate and legislative payroll. GPW Payroll allows your company to focus on its core business instead of how to pay its staff correctly and compliant with the HMRC.

GPW Payroll has become a very common choice for small to medium sized businesses. We keep up to date with all tax changes and HMRC regulations so you don’t have to.

You no longer need payroll software which needs to be maintained and yearly updated No time spent/wasted calculating pay – we have HRMC and BACS approved software which means we can calculate pay accurately.

Not Staff Demanding Less paper work Reduce cost spent on hardware and software  Time saved in the duties of payroll and administrative staff No training costs Ownership and control of your own data As it is ran remotely no special software or hardware is required  Saves unnecessary costs on outsourcing.

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