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Your cover letter is effectively the introduction to your CV, your professional profile.  A cover letter is something that is surprisingly given little attention by people searching for new jobs despite the fact it is a great way to set yourself apart from the crowd before your CV has even been read by your prospective employer or their recruiter.  The GPW Recruitment team have put together a list of tips below on how to write a great cover letter.

Actually Write One

By not writing a cover letter, you are missing out on a way to introduce yourself and make clear which position you are applying for.  It is also a great chance to get your personality and desire for the job across before your prospective employer has read your CV.  A lot of firms will not even bother to read your CV if it is not accompanied by a cover letter.

Make It Clear and Concise

Ensure your cover letter is of a satisfactory length, but do not waffle on.  Include the best, key bits of your CV, which make you stand out and that are relevant to the vacancy you are applying for but do not just repeat your CV in a letter format.  Leave contact details at the end and let them know that you are available for interviews or to meet up to discuss the position in person.  Make the cover letter no more than one-page long.

Refer to the Company

Look into the firm you are applying for a job with.  A little research into a bit of information you can include in your cover letter is a touch that could make you stand out and it gives the impression you are serious about the job as it shows you have taken the time to learn more about the company. Mention the company and what you like about them and what it is that makes you want to work for them.  If you are aware of the person you are sending the cover letter to then address them personally as it helps to break down any initial applicant and employer boundary and shows that you have taken the time to learn their name.

Mention Your Best Qualities

Pay attention to the job description of the position you are applying for and mention accordingly up to three qualities you possess that makes you the perfect person for the job. Simply mention the qualities, you do not have to go into too much detail. Make it just enough for the employer to take notice, that way if you get to an interview stage you can then take the opportunity to develop on those points further. Normally it is easier to explain something in person than in a letter or email.

Avoid Clichés

Try to avoid the stereotypical job-hunting terms like ‘team player’, terms like that are worn out and do not stand out to recruiters anymore.  If you have something you are proud of, that you have achieved and is relevant, then mention that instead of repetitive terms that the vast majority of job seekers use.

Sign It If Possible

Even though nowadays the majority of job applications are online on a firm’s website or via email, if possible always try to add your handwritten signature. It is still looked upon as an indicator that you are serious about the job. A cover letter that is free of grammatical errors and is presented in a tidy fashion will be a boost to any CV and will stand you in good stead for your job application.

Check It

As with any job application, CV or email, before you send your cover letter read through it a couple of times to double check for errors and to make sure you are completely happy with what you are sending. Nothing will be more frustrating than noticing there is an easily fixable error in your cover letter or something that you have left out but only realising it after you have sent it.

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