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At GPW Recruitment we take client services very seriously, offering a world-class service and working one client at a time when it comes to contract recruitment.

GPW are a specialist recruitment agency who simplify the process without keeping you at bay with extravagant claims, bold statements and false promises. We understand that clients often like us to tell it like it is and this is something we are more than happy to do as part of our client and employment services.

As an expert contract recruitment agency, we appreciate that each individual vacancy requires an individual client and individual person.  No two jobs are the same and neither are two of our clients.  Each one will have their own needs and personalities, so we make it of the paramount importance that this is understood by all our contract recruitment staff.

By building strong, correct relationships with our clients over the years we have been able to include a personal touch as part of our services that has kept them coming back for more. GPW Recruitment take great care in recruiting the best consultants to provide employment services to suit your needs. Our helpful staff are all people with a passion for recruitment and client services and who enjoy working closely with our customers to gain a full understanding of their business.

We offer the full range of client and employment services, which have been designed to allow you to focus on what really matters – your business! See our FAQ for more information.

Contract Recruitment Agency North WestContract recruitment is just one of the things we do, though it is one of the most important.

Being a contract recruitment agency is part of what makes GPW Recruitment what it is. Very few specialist recruitment agencies can match the breadth of experience we have within niche markets. As part of our employment services in the North West, our database of contractors has been designed in-house allowing us to find the right candidates much faster for whatever project our clients need them for.

Whether you are looking for a Project Manager or Engineer for a 12-month assignment or a CAD Technician to do some tracing work for a couple of weeks, our highly trained consultants, who are specialists in their relative fields, will be able to find the right contractor for you.

With such a proven track record, GPW is a preferred supplier to many of the large blue chip engineering consultancies and design houses as well as the smaller specialist organisations when it comes to employment services.

At GPW we believe business is built on relationships and we have a total commitment to understanding every aspect of your business to ensure you have confidence in us recruiting the right people for you.

To get in touch with one of the North West’s premier Contract Recruitment Agencies then please do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call on 01744 454300 or email us at

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