GPW Recruitment Donate To Local Food Bank

Due to the current Cost of Living Crisis Anna Hutchings, Senior Business Manager at GPW Recruitment suggested we make a donation to our local food bank in St Helens.

Anna comments: “It broke my heart to read that for the first time in 10 years our local food bank are having to turn people away due to shortages. So I suggested that GPW staff should donate.”

“We managed to get a good selection of food, toiletries and pet food supplies which was gratefully received.”

If anyone would like to donate, please visit The Hope Centre, Atherton Street, St Helens, WA10 2DT. If you’re not in St. Helens, keep in mind that your local food bank will probably be in the same position and will be grateful for any additional help.

Donating to the local food bank - GPW Recruitment