GPW Recruitment’s own “Team Ishikawa” gain Business Improvement Technique (BIT) Qualification

Michelle Goodwin, Becky Shaw, Fiona Barker, Dave Carr and their BIT Team Leader Gary Ward have passed their NVQ in Business Improvement Techniques L2 with the St Helens Chamber of Commerce.

“Team Ishikawa” have worked on various projects throughout the last few months applying business improvement techniques and knowledge to solve “real” business problems.

Gary Ward, Operations Manager commented: “Working through the Business Improvement Technique qualification with the St Helens Chamber has been an excellent experience for all. It brought an opportunity for various members of staff working in different departments to come together to make business improvements to the company as a whole. We were able to adapt the requirements of the qualification to our business meaning all supporting evidence and improvements were relevant to GPW”

Well done team!