Managing Director’s Views – October 2011

Welcome to our First “Managing Director’s Views”

With economic doom and gloom still in the air I think it is always nice to read something positive…. and here at GPW we have got bags of positivity!
Trading has been good for GPW over the last 6 months with certain sectors seeing more growth than others. I was surprised to hear on the news the recently that manufacturing output across the UK has once again stalled somewhat. We are certainly not seeing this at GPW and the manufacturing sector is proving to be our strongest division this year.
As most of you will now be aware, the AWR comes into effect from 1st October. In my opinion, the new legislation will put even more strain on UK businesses just at the time they are most in need of assistance. For many companies that use Agency Workers, costs will increase. This could effectively reduce the number of vacant positions available which in turn will increase unemployment levels in the sectors the legislation was designed to target, those that use lower paid workers such as call centres and warehousing operations. The additional administrative burden for both the client and the recruitment agencies will also prove to be costly and I am sure we will all be waiting in anticipation for the first case to be brought before the courts, probably early in 2012.
GPW have held a number of successful seminars over the past few months and I am pleased to confirm that we are fully prepared for the AWR. Positively, the new legislation is allowing us to develop even stronger relations with our esteemed clients as we alleviate fears relating to how they will manage and control things going forward. Essentially GPW will do all of this for them. We have invested heavily in new bespoke systems which have been designed in-house to control the flow of information to protect our clients. This is advantageous as our staff are fully up to speed with how they work as opposed to procuring an off the shelf package which could take months to get used to.
I am also pleased to confirm that after thorough analysis, the effect of AWR on our business and our client’s businesses will be minimal due to the disciplines and industries we work within. Feel free to contact us should you have any questions of queries relating to AWR or if you would like a copy of the seminar notes. We will be happy to help.
By the time this news letter is circulated, a select group from GPW will have taken part in the Liverpool Marathon….. I say “taken part” as I am not 100% sure yet whether some of us will make it to the finish line. There will be no lack of will power but when your legs just don’t want to move anymore they just don’t move! How I got roped into this one I’ll never know! Whatever the end result, four of us will be raising money for a number of charities on the day and so any support you could give would be much appreciated.
Have a positive final quarter to 2011 and I look forward to speaking with you in January.