GPW Recruitment’s Managing Director Raises Over £6000 for Willowbrook Hospice

Back in January our MD, Gary Ward, met with Bev Neilson at Willowbrook Hospice to discuss how GPW could fundraise this year.

“We wanted to raise funds for Willowbrook but also wanted to be mindful that after the last 2 years people might not have as much money as previous years for donating. I mentioned hosting a Rock & Bingo Night (if you haven’t played before, its bingo with music)” comments Gary who hosted the events.

In total we hosted 3 Rock & Roll Bingo Nights at the Living Well over the summer and raised £6200.

“I am genuinely made up with what we achieved”, what started as “how could we raise a bit of money for Willowbrook this year” became a “Wowzers, we raised over £6000 pounds by donating a little bit of time and enthusiasm whilst having a blast. Can I thank everyone who came to the events, everyone who donated prizes and also to Willowbrook Hospice for the fantastic work they do for people of our community – I am delighted we have supported you this year and look forward to next years Rock and Roll Bingo Nights. “

Willowbrook Hospice is an independent UK charity formed in 1993 to establish and create a local, specialist palliative care unit for the community. With positive encouragement and generous contributions from the community they opened their doors to the hospice in 1997 and, to date, have provided care, compassion, comfort, love, laughter and warmth to over 10,000 residents. More info about the Hospice can be found here:

Charity Champion - GPW Recruitment