Chris Lamb celebrates 22 years at GPW Recruitment

Last week we celebrated Chris Lamb’s 22 year anniversary here at GPW Recruitment! We spoke to Chris about his journey and inspiring moments whilst working here.

Chris spent the duration of 3 years completing a Biology Degree at Staffordshire University, graduating in 1997; it was at this point his path changed in a different direction.

“At the time, the job field for science was extremely limited so I gained a place on a graduate Placement Scheme with St. Helens College in Accountancy. GPW Recruitment was my first job and I was taken on originally to provide cover for an employee in Payroll.”

Back in 1998, GPW was originally based in a small office on the upper floor of Worsley House, St Helens, however, as the business grew, the office moved to the lower ground which provided more room for expansion.  

“Once the person I was covering returned, I became eager to train as a resourcer however my passion was within payroll and accounts. I moved back into that department and have been there ever since.” Chris recalls.

Chris’s highlights from working at GPW included trips to Dublin, Marbella and Barcelona; not to mention numerous Christmas parties!. Chris’s greatest achievement has been completing a full year and the payroll year end independently.

We asked Chris what the most important part of his role was and he said “ensuring contractors are paid correctly and on time”.

Thank you Chris for your commitment throughout the last 22 years, we look forward to celebrating your next 22 years!

When Chris started:

Number 1 Song: ‘My heart will go on’ by Celine Dion

Number 1 Album: ‘Decks and Drums and Rock and Roll’ by Propellerheads

Number 1 Movie: ‘Titanic’