GPW Recruitment at Broad Oak Primary School

GPW Recruitment were delighted to be asked to visit Year 4 pupils of Broad Oak Primary School, St Helens on Thursday 10th May 2012, to discuss why people and businesses need to make money.

Gary Ward, Operations Manager and Jack Houghton, Apprentice, presented to the class the importance of earning money and why businesses need to make money to pay its staff, its buildings and its bills.

The children provided their own ideas of how they could make money and even used their own examples of how they had previously “made” money in the past.

“The enthusiasm from the class was excellent, some of the children had experience of selling toys, in return for money through eBay, and one little girl had set up a lemonade stall in her street which involved her making the lemonade with lemons grown in her garden,” comments Gary.

The underlying theme to the presentation was just how important money is and how we all need it to live. You can’t buy food, a house, toys or games consoles without money. The children were surprised that you even have to pay for water from a tap.

Thank you to all the children who participated and contributed to the discussion.