Jayne Roberts has been named GPW Recruitment’s Temp of the Month

Each month clients of GPW nominate employees to be put forward for GPW’s Temp of the Month Award. A name is then selected at random and the winner is presented with a prize and certificate by GPW Recruitment and Saints’ full back Paul Wellens.

This months deserving winner is Jayne Roberts, a Clerical Assistant placed by GPW with St Helens MBC.

Paul Wellens accompanied GPW’s Jess Hunt to the Town Hall in St Helens to present Jayne with her certificate and prizes, flowers and chocolates.

Phil Leach, a HR Manager for St Helens MBC, had the following to say:

“Jayne has been on placement with us for a number of very difficult months. During that time we have completely updated a computerised time management and building access system that is now used by over 2,000 employees. Jayne has played a major role in terms of providing clerical and administrative support in respect of the transfer and expansion of the system, helping to ensure the project’s success.”