Pam Blackburn has been named GPW Recruitment’s Temp of the Month

Each month clients of GPW nominate employees to be put forward for GPW’s Temp of the Month Award. A name is then selected at random and the winner is presented with a prize and certificate by GPW Recruitment and Saints’ full back Paul Wellens.

Last months deserving winner was Pam Blackburn, a Clerical Assistant placed by GPW with St Helens MBC.

Paul Wellens accompanied GPW’s Jess Hunt to the office in St Helens to present Pam with her certificate along with flowers and vouchers.

Kathryn Lawrenson, Senior Human Resources Assistant at St Helens MBC had the following to say,

“Pam is a very efficient, dedicated, reliable and thoughtful lady. She has provided us with essential support and service for the time she has been with us. She has been with us for 19 months and has not had a day off (except for holidays). When you ask her to do something for you she has already done it! She will be missed very much.”