Rugby League Recruitment is a winner with Sky Sports

In recent weeks GPW Recruitment launched its newest division, Rugby League Recruitment. The division is focused on organising work placements and training for rugby league players to help them prepare for the future when their career in rugby league comes to an end. The huge interest from companies and players alike sparked interest from Sky Sports reporter Angela Powers who took a film crew along to the GPW Recruitment office in St Helens to film a feature to be aired on Sky Sports on Friday before the match. Saints players Jon Wilkin and Paul Wellens were also present at GPW for the filming to express their interest in the project. Wellens, who had previously voiced an interest in a career in media, met with Chris Cahill and Nick Cooke from the PR Office for St Helens MBC, who also attended the filming at GPW. St Helens MBC is one of many local companies interested in taking a player through Rugby League Recruitment. Chris and Nick even took Wellens down to their office for a short introduction to working in media.

Chris Cahill, Press and PR Manager for St Helens MBC had the following to say, ‘We’re delighted that Paul’s joining us. He’s got all the attributes of a great PR man – confident, sincere, focused and a real team player. We are excited to be involved with Rugby League Recruitment.’

The project is a great opportunity for local companies to work with an acclaimed athlete and also to help local stars to get a head start in their careers after rugby league. Ex Saints player John Stankevitch had his career cut short due to injury and said, ‘It would have been nice to have something like this when I was playing.’

GPW are pleased with the success of Rugby League Recruitment and hopes it will help many players. Managing Director of GPW Recruitment, Mark Parish, commented, ‘It is very exciting that Sky Sports have taken an interest in the initiative and reinforces the value in what we are doing. In the unfortunate event that one of our players is injured and unable to play, I trust Rugby League Recruitment will have given them the necessary tools to continue a successful career, whatever it may be.’

The feature is to be aired on Friday 24th Sept on Sky Sports before the Saints V Huddersfield game.