Val Cunningham has been named GPW Recruitment’s Temp of the Month

Each month clients of GPW nominate employees to be put forward for GPW’s Temp of the Month Award. A name is then selected at random and the winner is presented with a prize and certificate by GPW Recruitment and Saints’ full back Paul Wellens.

Last months deserving winner was Val Cunningham, who was placed by GPW with Fusion 21 Ltd as administrator / receptionist.

Paul Wellens accompanied GPW’s Jess Hunt to the office in Huyton to present Val with her certificate along with flowers and vouchers.

Bev Willis, Business Support Co-ordinator at Fusion 21 Ltd, had the following to say,

‘Val fully deserves to win the award! She has been with us just over a month and has made such a contribution to the business and integrated herself well into our team.’