Rugby League Recruitment continues its success

Since its launch this summer Rugby League Recruitment is now well underway and is placing rugby stars with local businesses.

Ruby League Recruitment was set up by local recruitment agency GPW and Saints’ Jon Wilkin to help players gain valuable work experience and qualifications to make it easier for them to find work once their careers in rugby come to an end.

In recent months Rugby League Recruitment has placed Saints full back Paul Wellens at St Helens MBC press office. Since starting his placement he has been involved in interviews, reporting and putting together press releases. Chris Cahill, Press and PR Manager at the council said

‘We’re delighted that Paul has joined us. He’s got all the attributes of a great PR man – confident, sincere, focused and a real team player. We are excited to be involved with Rugby League Recruitment.’

More recently Ade Gardner and Gareth Frodsham began their placements at Mill Green School in Newton-Le-Willows. They will be assisting with teaching and lesson planning, and will also be strong role models for the children. Ade Gardner had the following to say,

‘After my first meeting with the staff and pupils at Mill Green I am excited to go back and get more involved. I’m sure the placement at the school will be challenging as well as very rewarding. I hope to take away skills that will aid me in my career after rugby league, though I’m sure I will pick up many other useful skills along the way.’

As more players register and more companies take players, Rugby League Recruitment continues to grow and it becomes more likely that the project will branch out to more clubs in the New Year.

Managing Director of GPW Recruitment, Mark Parish commented,

‘We are very happy with the success of Rugby League Recruitment so far. I look forward to the future when hopefully as a result we will see the majority, rather than the minority, of rugby league players continuing successful careers outside of the game.’