Rugby League Recruitment supports Willowbrook Hospice

Rugby League Recruitment is now up and running and placing rugby players into day release work placements. The experience they will gain through the placements will make it much easier for them to find work after their rugby careers come to an end. With Jon Wilkins’ placement at Carmel College going well, other players, including Paul Wellens and Ade Gardner, are eager to get on with their placements at St Helens MBC and Mill Green School.

£5 from each placement is being donated to local charity Willowbrook Hospice. The hospice cares for people with life limiting illnesses, mainly cancer but also Motor Neurone Disease and end stage heart and renal failure.

GPW Recruitment has supported Willowbrook Hospice for a number of years now. Mark Parish, Managing Director of GPW Recruitment had the following to say,

“Being a local charity, many of us will know someone who has been treated at Willowbrook Hospice and so understand the importance of the service they provide. It is important that we donate to such charities to give them the support they need to continue the amazing work they do every day. Willowbrook kindly invited us down to the hospice to see first hand the difference they are making in peoples lives. We at GPW are very happy to continue giving our support to the charity and encourage other businesses to do the same.”

Nicky Saunders, Senior Fundraiser at Willowbrook Hospice, said the following,

“I am delighted that GPW have decided to support Willowbrook Hospice in this way. The money will certainly come in handy for the new day therapy centre currently being built. The new centre will allow us to treat more patients and in more comfortable surroundings. The work GPW have done has helped raise awareness and we are very grateful for their continuing support.”