Taking the Next Step in Your Career

When people say they want to take the next step in their career it can mean different things depending on the circumstance of the individual. For some it could be finding a completely different role within a new company while for others it could mean a promotion from their existing position.

Regardless of the stage you are at in your career, at GPW Recruitment we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you to the next step – see our handy list of tips below.

Decide Your Career Goals

Realistically you cannot expect to take progressive steps in your career if you are unsure on what you want those steps to be. Decide your goals to give yourself something to aim for; that you can class as a positive step forward once you achieve it.

Take the time to lay out some basic career goals or plans and the time frame in which you wish to reach them.  Once you have a clear picture of what you would like to achieve you will be in a better place to move towards those goals.

Figure Out How to Reach Your Goals

Once your career goals are in place you then need to work out how to achieve those next steps. Do you need to undergo training? Do you need to leave your current position or converse with your existing employer?

Build a plan on how you can move forward in your career. With a plan in place you can begin to do the things you need to do to move forward.

Develop Yourself

By attending training courses or by completing online development courses you are taking positive steps forward. People who put time and effort into self improvement are always looked upon favourably by employers, whether you currently work for them or you are hoping to gain a position within their company.

Extra qualifications, or even certain types of extracurricular activities, can display qualities that make you more employable or that employers will see as something that makes you a good candidate for promotion. Consider which qualifications or training courses will be beneficial to your development with the potential to help you in moving forward.

Talk to People that you Aspire to be Like

If there is somebody you work with or know in your personal life whom you aspire to be like, ask them how they got to be in the position they are in. Their career path may turn out to be similar to your own or may include steps you had never previously considered?

Taking inspiration from people we admire can not only be motivational but it can be great for learning new ideas or things. They might also be in a position to directly help you.

Work Hard

If you are looking to achieve your career goals then working hard will be at the forefront of any progressive steps you make. Even if you work hard already, think about the little things you can do to up your game and to make you stand out.

If possible, take on additional responsibilities and even if you are looking to change roles or industries make sure you continue to work hard so that you have solid references to provide to potential employers.

To discuss ‘Taking the Next Step in Your Career’ with a member of the GPW team you can contact us by calling 01744 454 300. You can also get in touch by email at jobs@gpwrecruitment.co.uk. If you are searching for a new position you can also check out our jobs board.