Looking for Work Following Graduation

After years of hard work, you graduate from university, you have a day of celebration and attend a prestigious graduation ceremony where you are presented with your degree.

However, once the celebration is over, many graduates come to the realisation that they have failed to properly plan for their future and life in employment after university. This can initially come as a bit of shock as graduates begin looking for work but thanks to GPW Recruitment there is no reason to worry!

Our team has many years’ experience in the recruitment industry so we are well equipped to advise graduates on the next step. We have a job board featuring a long list of vacancies offering both temporary and permanent positions as well as a number of contract work opportunities across a number of divisions.

The advice our team offers is wide ranging from CV’s and cover letters to tips for your job interview.  You can count on our expertise to help graduates, with a variety of degrees, looking for a job in a multitude of fields.

Job Interview Guidance

GPW offers invaluable advice to those looking for work after graduation. While an interview can be nerve-wracking for a new graduate it can also be an exciting experience. Riding the wave of your graduation and gaining your degree you can enter the job interview full of confidence and be ready to showcase everything you have learnt during your time at university. We also advise you on demonstrating to a potential employer how your knowledge and expertise will be of benefit to the company you are looking to work for.

Our tried and tested advice and techniques have seen a massive amount of people, not just new graduates, successfully secure the job of their dreams.

Advice on Your CV

The way your CV is written is a huge factor in whether or not you will be offered an interview by an employer. Your CV should highlight your best qualities and achievements but should also be tailored towards the job you are applying for and the company you are looking to work for.

If you have just graduated, basing your CV around your degree and how it is applicable to a job is a great way to start. The GPW team are also on hand to provide expert advice and tips on writing a CV. Our useful CV advice has seen countless jobseekers find their ideal position and within a range of sectors and industries.  From information about your educational history, professional qualifications and personal achievements we can help you put together the perfect CV.  It is incredibly important that your CV stands out and sets you apart from other applicants.

Cover Letter Tips

Similarly to your CV, the cover letter that you send to potential employers is also incredibly important.  We offer cover letter advice to graduates to help them build the introduction to their specialist profile.  Without a cover letter graduates looking for a job are missing out on a great opportunity to showcase their personality to prospective employers ahead of hopefully gaining an interview.  It is a fantastic way to give an impression of professionalism.

How to Job Search

Looking for work after graduation can be difficult, especially if you have a degree that could be applied to a variety of industries or fields.  Which jobs should you apply for?  In which areas should you look?  Our helpful team can advise you on how to search for the right vacancy.  We give you tips to point you towards opportunities, which are best suited to you and the degree you graduated with.

A helpful tip for graduates; they can join alumni groups for their university where people post vacancies for all types of positions.  If an older graduate is offering a job to people just leaving university they may look favourably on graduates of their former university so these type of groups are worth checking out.

If you require more details about looking for work after graduation then please do not hesitate to contact our team.  Get in touch by calling 01744 454 300 or email us at jobs@gpwrecruitment.co.uk.