Interview tips for job applicants

Have you been offered an interview for a new job?  Congratulations!

Now for the interview itself – With the experienced team at GPW Recruitment behind you, offering advice and guidance, interview success can be yours.

Make a Good First Impression

Try to relax; while nerves are to be expected, if you come across overly nervous it may appear that you lack in confidence.  Stay calm and remember that you have already passed the first stage of the application.  If you didn’t have something to offer the company then you wouldn’t have been invited to the interview.

It’s so important that you arrive on time.  If you are late, even with a valid reason, this will not impress the interviewer.  It is also vital that you dress appropriately – if you are unsure of the formality of the interview it is better to lean towards a smarter level of dress.

Shake hands firmly upon arrival and concentrate throughout.  Ask a couple of questions, if the opportunity arises.  This will show the interviewer you are inquisitive and you are taking a positive interest in the job role and the company itself.

Research the Role and Company

It is imperative that you go into the interview with a knowledge of the role you are applying for.  You will no doubt be asked questions about your suitability for it.  If you do not know much about the job specification this will become clear very quickly.  Do your research in the days and weeks before your interview.

You should also research the company as a whole.  Take a look at their website and social media pages. Is there anything that stands out to you?  You will be asked about the business and why you want to join them.  If you have nothing to say it could jeopardise your chances of being considered.

Follow Up Afterwards

Always try to analyse how the interview went and what you could have done differently; it will be a great help if you get a call back for another interview.  If, unfortunately, you are unsuccessful it will still benefit you to assess the things you felt went well and any areas you felt could be improved upon.  This will also help you to prepare ahead of the next job interview.

Regardless of how the interview went, it is good practice to send a follow up email to thank the company and the interviewer for their time and the opportunity. It shows a great level of professionalism.

Contact GPW

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