Take Steps to Improve your CV

Are you looking to improve your CV to increase your chances with job applications? A poorly constructed CV can massively reduce the potential of you being offered an interview.

At GPW Recruitment our experienced team are on hand to offer guidance and CV advice to help you reach the interview stage.

Easy to Read Layout

Narrow down your best attributes to the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for – you don’t want a CV that is far too long or one that is crammed with every bit of information about you. Make sure there is white space and that each section flows easily on to the next.  A clean looking resume looks professional and is much easier for both employers and recruiters to read.

Tailor your CV to the Job

In addition, you should make sure your CV is tailored to the position you are applying for.  Your resume will not stand out if it is too generic with the potential to suit a variety of job types and industries; by tailoring your CV it will increase the chances of your application being more noticeable to the recruiter.

Check for Spelling and Grammar Errors

Everyone can make a spelling error from time to time but you should try to avoid one appearing on your CV.  Proof-read your resume and perhaps ask a friend or family member to check through it too – a second pair of eyes always helps to spot any errors!

Be Honest

If there are gaps in your job history then you should be able to explain them constructively.  It is not uncommon for people to have gaps in their CV so be prepared to explain why there were periods when you were not working; a recruiter will appreciate your honesty.

Do not exaggerate or lie on your CV.  If you are lucky enough to be offered an interview you will be asked to discuss certain aspects of your resume and if you have lied, there is every likelihood this will become apparent during your interview so only include genuine information.

Get in Touch

To chat with one of our recruitment team about how to improve your CV, call us on 01744 454300.  You can also contact us via jobs@gpwrecruitment.co.uk.

We will be delighted to pass on any tips and advice to you and when you’re happy with your CV you can upload it to our Candidates page.  Then, head over to our jobs board to see a list of our current vacancies.