What NOT to say in a job interview

Got an important job interview coming up? Are the nerves kicking in? Here at GPW Recruitment our team can help you to prepare, giving you the skills and confidence for interview success.

One of the things we regularly share with our candidates is what NOT to say in a job interview. Nerves or over-eagerness can lead some applicants to put their foot in it with a daft question or silly statement. Normally, towards the end of the interview, you will be asked if you have any questions – saying the wrong thing could be very damaging to your chances of being offered the job.

This blog post can help you to properly prepare so, when the time comes to attend your interview, you’ll have no trouble impressing your potential employer.

Do NOT ask about salary

During the interview, it is wise not to bring up how much you will be paid. Talking about salary, bonuses or how often you can expect a pay rise gives the impression you care about money more than the job itself.

Usually, the salary won’t be discussed unless you are offered the job. If you receive a job offer but you are unhappy with the pay suggested, then now is the time to discuss money.

Do NOT ask about annual leave

Everybody enjoys time away from work but making the point of asking how many days leave you would get a year can be very off-putting to an interviewer.

Once you are offered a job you will find out how many days off you receive. Like your salary, if you have any problems or concerns then this is the most appropriate time to mention them. It could be something as simple as already having a holiday booked around your proposed start date or in the first month or so of your employment. It is only natural for you to want to check if that will cause any problems with your job offer.

Do NOT mention grievances with previous employers

Being critical of former or current employers in your interview will send the wrong message to the firm interviewing you.

You may well be asked why you left your last job or why you are looking to leave your current position. Being diplomatic is key – simply say you are looking for a different direction in your career or feel you have more to offer than your current job role allows. Don’t include any stories or details that will make you seem disrespectful.

Prepare and ask questions

Make sure you properly prepare for the interview. Don’t turn up and just expect to be able to breeze through it. Research the company, the role and ask relevant, informed questions. A simple but good question is to ask the interviewer what they like about working for the business.

Make sure you pay attention and are responsive to topics that have been talked about in the interview too. This will show you have been focussed and engaged.

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