Tony Ashworth has been named GPW Recruitment’s Temp of the Month

Each month clients of GPW nominate employees to be put forward for GPW’s Temp of the Month Award. A name is then selected at random and the winner is presented with a prize and certificate by GPW Recruitment and Saints’ full back Paul Wellens.

Last months deserving winner was Tony Ashworth, an Inventor Designer placed by GPW with SMS Mevac UK Limited.

Paul Wellens accompanied GPW’s Gary McConville to the office in Winsford to present Tony with his certificate along with vouchers to be spent at motorcycle store ‘Demon Tweeks’.

John McDean, Chief Draughtsperson at SMS Mevac UK Limited, commented,
‘Tony has worked with us now for over a year. He came in to replace a very good contractor who left us, and has fulfilled our expectations admirably.

Tony has a very good engineering understanding and is able to interpret this to a high level using Inventor 3D modelling, which is his prime function within our organisation.

He travels quite a distance each day, but his punctuality has never been in question, particularly over the very bad weather period we had last winter.

On top of this he is a very likeable person and has a good sense of humor, which makes him easy to get on with and means he is well liked by all the other personnel.

Overall he is a great asset to our business, and has given us a professional and dedicated service to date.’