Celebrating 5 Years Of Sponsorship

This week, Martin Blondel, General Manager of the Steve Prescott Foundation dropped into our offices with a thank you for our Chairman, Graham Worsley.  GPW Recruitment has sponsored the GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Run for the past five year’s with huge success.  With thousands of runners over the years battling North Road we cannot thank everyone involved for their relentless support.

The GPW Recruitment St Helens 10K Run in association with The Steve Prescott Foundation has been a huge success and we are sure this success and sponsorship will continue over the years.

The Steve Prescott Foundation have become a huge player when it comes to charity especially in and around St Helens, it is a total pleasure to have our name along side theirs when it comes to the 10K!

Martin presented Graham and GPW with an award as a thank you for the continued efforts and sponsorship that we provide them with!