Gap Between Graduate and Non Graduate Wages Narrows

University graduates continue to enjoy higher earnings than their non-graduate peers, but there are signs the gap may soon shrink, according to the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

The IFS timely published their results last Thursday as students came to receive their A level results, possibly prompting that university is not always the answer to success.

Despite concern that a dramatic increase in the number of young people going to university has led to a decline in graduate wages, the IFS says the graduate wage premium has remained the same for two decades. Although the IFS believe that a further increases in graduate numbers could start to chip away at the premium.

According to the IFS, the average wages for both graduates and non-graduates fell by 15 percent between 2008 and 2015, but the wage difference between graduates and school-leavers has remained at about 35 percent for the past two decades.

So will these figures deter students from going on to further studies at university?