GPW Recruitment at the Races

On Saturday 3rd September, the team came together for an amazing and eagerly anticipated day at Haydock Race Course.

Weather wise, we were out of luck, the rain was pounding down and as we arrived we only spotted one another under raised GPW umbrellas; however as we arrived inside we found a different scene and our luck raised throughout the day.

Suited, booted and dressed to the nines we gathered in a second floor suite, greeted by champagne and canapés. Talk buzzed of potential bets and strategies. Horses’ names and statistics were being bounded around; some taking it a little more seriously than others!

The atmosphere was great as we continued the day with a wonderful three course meal in an executive box with a balcony overlooking the finish line. The starters were had, the bets were made, the races were off!

Our luck continued throughout the day with some huge wins being made. ‘Lucky’ Leon McGregor was on first name basis with the betting staff as he raked in win after win! Everyone had their strategies, whether it be an in depth knowledge of betting odds, or just betting on a funny horse’s name. Whatever the method it was working, as unlikely win but catchy named “Intense Tango” came in as a winner at 12-1 odds, giving even the smallest better something to smile about.

Twists and turns throughout the day as, our M&E Trades Divisional Manager Mike McNeill turned around a dramatic loss, with an unbelievable win with secret favourite ‘Quiet Reflection’. Mark Clarke maintained an incredible winning streak throughout the day with bets on all the right horses!

The day was a success, even for those who didn’t start on the right track. The last race ended on a high for our recent Law Graduate Paige Hunte, with a last chance win on the aptly named horse ‘The Graduate,’ leaving everyone with at least one win under their belt.

To finish, those who wished to, had the opportunity to go visit the horses and were taken to the Jockey stand for a close up look at the real winners themselves.

It was a wonderful day to have everyone together, and to celebrate such a fantastic team and their hard work. Finally, everyone gathered back in the suite, and the day concluded how it began; Bad weather, great people and lots of champagne.