Getting your office job off to the best possible start

Every job is different and sometimes the contrasts can be stark – particularly if you’re moving into an office environment from a job in manual labour. Change is often daunting, but it can also be hugely rewarding. So if you’ve managed to secure a new job, the team at GPW Recruitment would like to congratulate you – and we’d also like to help!

We understand the excitement of a new job is often mixed with a degree of uncertainty and as one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in the North West, GPW can offer you support in making your transition into a new office environment as seamless as possible.


Punctuality is important in any job, showing that you are committed to the role. This is one of the things your new employer will pay close attention to during your probationary period. Being late without reasonable explanation on multiple occasions could lead to a reduction of pay and even disciplinary action. With this in mind, it is important to get off on the right footing and demonstrate your time management and enthusiasm.

Joining In

When starting an office job, especially if this is your first one, it can seem like the whole team have been best friends their whole lives and you’re a little out of the loop. This is a perfectly normal feeling, but as you rack up the hours and settle in, you’ll soon feel included.

To speed things up, be sure to actively participate in conversation and talk to your colleagues on your breaks and lunches to break the ice. If people are doing an extracurricular activity, which you can attend, then be sure to show your face – the office Christmas party can be a great way to get to know everyone in a relaxed setting.

Finding the Right Communication

Communicating is crucial but it’s important to gauge it right. We don’t recommend shouting, swearing, or any remarks that may cause offence in some way or conversations that could make other workers feel uncomfortable.  If you wish to work on your communication skills before starting an office role then this is something GPW can help you with.

Embrace the Role

It is important to remember that your employers hired you for a reason so try not to doubt your ability or feel too apprehensive as having confidence in yourself will help to make you more productive as you strive to achieve.

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