Useful themes to stick to during a job interview

If you have managed to get an interview then you are undoubtedly going to feel a sense of nervousness, looking to avoid saying something out of turn or giving off the wrong first impression. Here at GPW Recruitment, one of the largest recruitment agencies in the North West, we have drawn up a list of themes you can stick to – ensuring you don’t go off topic and keeping you firmly on track for a successful interview.

The company

This one might seem obvious, but sufficient research about the company interviewing you is important. One question that is inevitably going to be asked is, “why should we hire you?” When answering this you should look to include information about the business to show you have done your homework.

Simple facts can be adapted to suit how you answer various questions. Reading up on the company’s USPs (unique selling proposition) can be a good idea or looking for themes on their website that show what they’re all about. If your interviewer sees you are immersed in the message they are trying to promote, you will create the impression of being enthusiastic and proactive.

Yourself (but not too much!)

Talking about yourself in an interview is just as useful as talking about the company that is interviewing you, as this is your chance to sell yourself in just a small window of time. However, it is crucial to strike the right balance between the two. If you are asked to “tell us a bit about yourself” then it is your chance to talk about your previous experiences and what you can bring to the table. Try to keep this concise, talk about the points that you think are most relevant to the role and make you stand out from the crowd.

It is also helpful to show off some of your personality during the interview, which only comes with a comfortable, confident approach. This allows your potential employee to see what you would be like in a workplace setting.

Positivity and gratitude

It is always good to give the impression that you’re calm and happy to be sat in front of a panel of people asking you questions – even if this isn’t the case! At GPW, we understand that this can be the most nerve wracking part of the recruitment process but it’s also one of the most significant. Keeping your language – be it spoken or body language – positive, and showing a sense of gratitude for their time, can leave a lasting first impression. It immediately shows that you care about the role and suggests you would be willing to work above and beyond.

Contact us

Now you know what to talk about in your interview, you should hopefully feel more at ease with the process. If you require any further help or advice from one of the main specialists in North West job recruitment then feel free to contact our helpful team of experts today. You can get in touch by calling 01744 454300, messaging us at or filling out our online form for a quick, informed response.