GPW Recruitment Partner The Personal Training People

Many of us find it difficult to set time aside to work on our health and fitness these days. Often work, family and social commitments come first and we forget just how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With that in mind GPW Recruitment invited Shane and Kathryn from The Personal Training People down to their offices for one to one consultations with all the staff.
Shane and Kathryn brought along some of their equipment used to measure health and fitness.

They measured –
· Blood pressure
· Resting heart rate
· Body weight
· Body fat
· Body mass index

They also gave advice on healthy eating and what kind of exercises we could be doing to improve our fitness.

With many of the GPW team taking part in the RNLI Reindeer Fun Run coming up at Knowsley Safari Park, the advice came in very handy and gave us plenty to work on.

Mark Parish, Managing Director of GPW Recruitment commented,

“It is great to be involved with The Personal Training People. Shane and Kathryn are passionate about what they do and have huge amounts of energy and enthusiasm…they are great for motivation. I have always been a strong advocate of a healthy lifestyle but it can be difficult to get motivated into action, especially during the winter months. Hopefully our partnership with Shane and Kathryn will raise awareness amongst our employees and encourage them to think more about health and fitness for the future.”

The Personal Training People are due to return in 12 weeks to monitor our progress and are also offering 2 free personal training sessions for two members of staff.